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        It's about Friendships ... the rest  follows.


Membership Benefits

Mastermind Groups - Masterminds are small groups that meet at regular intervals to set goals and take their businesses to the next level.  They have proven to be a priceless resource to provide guidance, motivation, and support to keep you moving forward.  Masterminds stimulate creativity and innovative thinking through interaction with other women entrepreneurs from diverse business backgrounds.  

Monthly Meetings – Each month we meet to discuss the latest in business trends and share our experiences.  The goal of the meetings is to provide a positive and uplifting environment for Members to meet, connect, share and learn.  Attendees meet many seasoned, successful women ready and willing to help. Self-esteem is a critical failure component for businesswomen; so surrounding yourself with like-minded women who can guide, motivate and inspire, helps to build confidence and problem solving abilities, which is vital to business growth. 

Speakers - Whenever we encounter speakers whose expertise and knowledge would be helpful to our Members, they are booked to present at meetings.  Featured guest speakers assist Members in professional development, and with things such as time management, marketing, technical assistance, and accounting procedures, to name a few. 

Visibility – Members are included on our website directory as well as our Facebook page.  This helps with brand building and is a great resource for consumers and clients to find the products and/or services they need.

Referrals – The roster of Members can be a quick and reliable place to get and give high quality referrals. 

Build Relationships - Networking isn’t just about promoting your business — it’s about building relationships. As we are a female-only networking organization, it a place to feel warm, welcomed and safe.  A place where Members can share the juggle and the struggle that women in the workplace often encounter and get honest feedback in a thoughtful and insightful way.

An Energy Boost – Being a woman entrepreneur, professional, or worker can be exhausting! Being a part of a supportive networking group boosts your energy and allows you to return to your business with renewed confidence and refreshed with newly-acquired skills, ideas, and business relationships.

Member Testimonials

“I love being a Babe because all the Babes Financially Support all of our Downtown Richmond Businesses when they Shop and Eat. This makes me very HAPPY.” - Rose Rex, Downtown Richmond Association Coordinator

“Business Babes "means to me" that I have an extended "family of friends"" that understands my life as a business woman.  That means I can call on them as a group or individually.  Being a Babe has helped my business wtih supplying me with great ideas, a pool of referrals for my basic needs and the association with Business Babes now that it has such a great and well-known reputation.  Business Babes has helped me make a lot of friends and has made me more accountable in the "art" of networking’!” - Cindy Teague-Kelly, EZ Care Medical Supplies & Uniforms

“My, my, my!  What can I say?!  As a new small business owner, so many opinions and advice comes my way, all appreciated of course.  However, there is a little more care and thought when I hear the advice and opinions of this special group of women.  It comes with a little touch of love!  They are an embracing and caring bunch of Divas!  They all have one goal in mind and that’s friendship. I love them all!  Thanks Babes for the growth! “– Carolyn Price, Event~Tique

“It’s all about women, not competition.  It’s about friendship and networking.” - Linda West, The Boutique at Merle Norman

“I love being a Business Babe! Anytime I need help with my business (like a referral to keep growing or marketing idea to better promote my business), I call a Babe. Anytime I need encouragement, I call a Babe. And anytime a Babe needs me, I'm always there for them! Babes is a necessary organization in Madison County worthy of my time...I call that, "winning!"       - Pam Murphy, Cute Betty’s Gold Emporium

“Being a Babe is the best! I always have many women business owners in the BBS that I can contact for support through good times and bad. I joined on in the very beginning at the second meeting. I didn't know then how big this would actually grow and become important in my life. Sometimes, when you are just a new start-up business, you worry that you are just not going anywhere or don't have an idea where to start with marketing and networking. The Business Babes Society has that all figured out for you. Don't get me wrong, you will need to jump in and get to know people by connecting at meetings and events. The friendships you will form will eventually bring new business your way.”- Lizette Fitzpatrick, Lizette Realty

“When I moved to this area, BBS was a great place to develop new relationships and network my business.  All the women are business owners, and thus understand the unique challenges and rewards we face and are there to support each other.” - Nicole Mueller, Startup Production

“I have met so many people and received such support. It's one of the few organizations I know where we all help each other and provide support.” – Bridgett Craig, Arbonne

“I love being a Babe! I love building friendships AND my business! There's nothing like a group of women who love what they do and support others loving what they do! That's what makes the BBS world go round.” – Celeste Byrd, Mary Kay

“Being involved with the conception of this organization was a new beginning for me when moving to Kentucky. Lost in so many ways, and then finding women that are over the top in courage, passion and dedication, just brought me to a new level in my life of what every day means. This is a small society with mammoth possibilities. I'm so very proud to be a babe!” – Joyce Green, Jordan Hill Farms

"Business Babes Society is a great support for me personally as I am growing my business.  Being a Babe has helped build my confidence & skills as a business owner.  I believe we have gotten more visibility through association with the Babes.  I have developed friendships & mentors of strong fantastic women.” – Tress La'Rue Spencer, Nurturing Birth Services & FireArms Concealment Education (FACE)

"Business Babes Society means a women's society that  is highly aggressive in helping other business women succeed.  Being a Babe has helped all of my business ventures by giving me valued, tried, and proven suggestions to help me succeed or tackle unfamiliar happenings in my business.  Business Babes has helped me personally by providing me with many valuable friends in my life.– Lynda Williams, Green Back Tax & Accounting

"Business Babes Society is all about networking with a wonderful group of like-minded and self-motivated professional women.  I was fairly new to Madison County when I join and now have made many new friendships that I will cherish for years.  This is a group of women that empowers and motivates each other to move our businesses to new heights."- Anita Henson, Budget Friendly Fashion, Paparazzi By Anita

"A wonderful group of women working hard for our business communities" - Dr. Jeannette Jones, Stamp To Cope


Business Babes Society

Business Babes Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Kentucky, P.O. Box 330, Richmond, KY 40476

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